Bomi Yook is a Korean-Canadian media artist. Using CG immersive media, generative 3D world-building, experimental animation, and video performance, her work explores the blending/blendedness within identity, cultural landscapes, and knowledge systems- from mythological and metaphysical, to cultural and historical, to ontological and computational.

The direction of her practice is informed by her background as a Korean Immigrant and the ongoing blending/blendedness that shape the cultural, historical, and technological memory of Korean Diaspora. Her practice deals with ideas of loss, longing, becoming, and belonging within the Korean Diaspora, while exploring the paradox of indigeneity and futurity at the heart of immigrant identity.

Layering diverse frameworks of understanding, her work inter-enfolds disparate beliefs and practices that structure together and apart multiple realities that are inter-constitutive. What harmony and disarray arise from conflicting and contentious perspectives and paradigms that intersect and cross-pollinate across space and time? Yook blurs the structural and conceptual divisions around identity; revealing that things and thoughts emerge and evolve through relationship rather individuality.

Breaking singular narrativization, her videos and installations recreate a multi-temporal multi-spatial quantum experience of reality, rendering the world as a paradoxical pluriverse in ongoing flux and transformation. Yook investigates blended hybridity as the source from which to imagine alternative possibilities of becoming and belonging. Her immersive animations envision the world through a sublime osmosis rather than singularities.

Yook holds an MFA from UCLA in Design Media Arts, and a BFA from Alberta University of the Arts in Media Arts and Digital Technology.