Dream Machine

Dream Machine 2021

Media: Multimedia Narrative, Public Performance,

Sound collaboration with Reece Anderson

Dream Machine is a multi-media narrative that provides viewers an embodied journey through information architecture. Like a dream that brings forth strange realities and appears things out of the dark into the seeable, like a machine that sets in motion all its parts and mechanisms, the Dream Machine emerges and embodies peculiar worlds and perplexing objects into the real. This quasi-transcendental quasi-technological silhouette begins to tell us the secrets of the planetary techno-megastructure it has presenced. 

Through a narrated journey into the body of the Dream Machine, viewers move through layers of physical and virtual space intermeshed and transubstantiated across the space and time, encountering natural and artificial entities that are connected and affected in unexpected ways and entangled relations. As the Dream Machine enframes and narrates their existence, different modes of being is named for different entities, revealing the social-ontology embedded in and across the techno-infrastructures of our planet.