Media:  suspending sacred textiles, hybrid altar, large-scale projection, experimental 3d animation, procedurally-generated particle simulation 

K-COSMOSIS explores the blending of multiple cosmologies within Korean metaphysics. What happens when conflicting and contentious ideas and realities are enfolded and entangled across space and time? Multiple identities, histories, social politics, and mythos collide and converge to synthesize a divided yet intra-related universe.

Informed by Feminist and Queer philosophies of quantum physics, Yook uses procedurally-generated particle systems to imagine the world through an ongoing blending/blendedness; where things and thoughts are not independently formed, but emerged through an osmosis of multiple presences and powers that materialize differently and together across space time. 

Spirits and systems, mythologies and ideologies, gods and icons, natural and urban landscapes- all weave into a sublime osmosis. They evolve and exchange, diffuse and diffract in a way that violates all perceived boundaries of the material, spiritual, intellectual, and imaginary realms. What tensions and harmonies arise from such a blendedness where things exist through entangled internalization of a plurality of others? 

K-COSMOSIS invites viewers to see the world through osmosis rather than duality, where perceived boundaries of individuality become fuzzier to reveal a profound and complex sharedness in being, thinking, and mattering.