Shape/Shift, transformations through Decolonial Poetics 2022

Artists: Bomi Yook and Bobby Joe Smith III

Medium: Large-scale CG Immersive environment and community engaged workshop 

Shape/Shift is a one-day workshop held inside a CG Immersive media environment that transformed the institutional gallery space into a meditative sacred environment to facilitate cross-cultural storytelling, collective imagining, and experimental making around Decolonization. 

Participants were immersed in Sacred Landscapes and surrounded by a world animated with shape/shifting spirits from Lakota mythology and Korean folklore. 

Within this space gathered local artists, designers, musician, and writers who are BIPOC, to engage in conversations around our shared histories of Colonization, the role of art and design within Decolonial movements, and the possibilities of community-oriented thinking and activism in art and design. 

The workshop immersed participants into a dual somatic experience of 1) learning from the earth-based cosmologies of Lakota and Korean culture, and 2) generating ideas around art and design in Decolonial movements.